Monday, 22 August 2011

The Count of Monte Cristo - Questions

Hello everyone,

Here are some questions about the book for this week. Don't worry if you haven't finished the book you're still welcome to come and eat cake instead!

- The central issue in The Count of Monte Cristo is the question of revenge. In the case of this book, is Dantes' quest for vengeance morally just? Can vengeance ever stand in for justice?

- Discuss Villefort's decision to imprison Dantes. He believes Dantes has been unfairly accused, but at the same time he fears for his own father's life.

- Talk about Dantes' profound alienation when he escapes from prison and his gradual movement back into reconciliation with humanity. How does that development take place: what and the plot benchmarks who are characters who help him regain his humanity.

- Do you think that 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' has a message? If so, what do you think it is? 

See you all on Thursday.

Questions from LitLovers.